TELEFLORA – A Silent Film

Teleflora Valentine’s Day 2019
“Love Out Loud, A Silent Film” :90

Client: Teleflora
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason
Senior Manager, Product Marketing: Scott Price

Agency: Wonderful Agency
Chief Creative Officer: Darren Moran
Executive Creative Director: Amber Justice
Assoc. Creative Director / Writer: Alan Snider
Assoc. Creative Director / Art Director: Shaun Wright
Producer: Rich Rosenthal

Production Company: Blacklist
Managing Director: Adina Sales
Executive Producer: Karen Lawler
Producer: Jodi Kraushar

Animation House: Wizz
Director : Gary Levesque
Producer : Amanda Stubbs

– Jeremy Pires
– Vic Chun
– Bernard Bui
– Andrei Sitari
– Emmanuel Lantam
Compositing : Philippe Valette
Character Design : Leila Courtillon & Andrei Sitari
Background : Gary Levesque & Lucas Durkheim

Music Studio: Airbox Music Publishing
Original Music: Andrew Shapiro
Music Producers: Michael Riesman and Andrew Shapiro

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